Enrolment of children at a Catholic diocesan school in the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn carries with it the undertaking by parents/guardians to accept the obligation to pay all school fees. It is, however, a matter of Catholic Education Commission policy that an inability to pay school fees should never exclude any child from a Catholic school.

Types of Fees

  • Enrolment Fee: per child – Payable when lodging Enrolment Form. This fee is non- refundable.
  • School Fees: per child, per term – is remitted directly to the Catholic Education Office.
  • Canberra Catholic Schools Building Fund Voluntary Donation: is a necessary part of the overall revenue required for the upkeep and maintence of the school. The Building Fund Voluntary Donation, is collected and sent to the Catholic Education Building and Maintenance section. This enables Catholic systemic schools in the ACT to be supported through a central body. All electrical, plumbing, painting, glass repairs and maintenance works are undertaken through this CE department. Families are strongly encouraged to contribute to the Building Fund Voluntary Donation and it is endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a deductible gift recipient (DGR) and therefore is fully tax deductible.

Where an older sibling attends another Archdiocesan Catholic School including St Francis Xavier, John Paul College, Merici College or St Clare’s College, this amount will be collected by that school, and is not paid to St Monica’s. You will recieve an email asking you to opt in to the Building Fund Voluntary Donation.

Fee Remission in 2024
Families experiencing significant financial difficulties may apply for fee assistance. Fee assistance is usually for a short period of time to support families during extreme hardship. Any reductions granted apply on a year-by-year basis i.e., a separate application is required each year.
If you require fee assistance for 2024, please contact Kirralea Thompson (Finance Manager) to obtain the necessary form and return your completed form with all relevant documentation to the school office

Fee Structure

Fee structure for the year ahead, is determined by Catholic Education in Term 4 of each year.

Payment of Fees and Levies

  1. Fees and levies may be paid in full each term or by instalments if it is more convenient for families to do so. This can be done by using BPAY (details on the Fee Statement), EFTPOS facilities at the School Office, or by phone for credit cards. 
  2. All occasions of leave of absence of a child/ren from school attendance will be paid in full unless the child/ren cease to be enrolled at the school. Please note that if a child is away from the school for an extended period of time (eg. overseas holiday) full fees are payable for that time.
  3. Fees and levies will be calculated on a per week pro-rata scale for an enrolment of a student after the first day of term or if a child departs the school before the end of term.
  4. Families seeking short term enrolment will be required to pay a pro rata fee negotiated with the Principal.

Policies and Documents